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Active ingredients that support treatment and disease prevention in a natural way.


Very well tolerated and not addictive. There are no known contraindications.


Extracts from medicinal plants that are 100% natural and safe.


Natural herb food supplements help maintain body healthy.


I am a 30 year old woman and I have battled skin issues such as acne for most of my life. When I started taking Skin Care I saw a noticeable difference with in a week. My skin is radiant and supple. With results like this, I believe my search is over!


Client - Skin Care
She has been taking FOLAXAN regularly for two years. Follows the scheme for 3 months to drink it and 1 month to rest. Observes locking in tumor marker results. She accepts it because of breast cancer.


Client - FOLAXAN
I order FOLAXAN for my friend. Chemotherapy treatment was performed. Since receiving FOLAXAN, his condition is stable, unchanged, there is no deterioration or growth of cancer cells.


Client - FOLAXAN
BeNature Shop is exactly what I was looking for. Personally, I would like to thank you for the outstanding services.

Mark Keller

Krassimir has been diagnosed with external lung cancer and metastasis in the spine. He is undergoing chemotherapy and combines treatment with Folaxan. Accepts it regularly for 4 months. The disease is currently stopped. There is no development or increase in the number of metastases. Doctors find that he is in remission.

Krasimir Atanasov

Client - FOLAXAN
My son suffers from acne. He is extremely vain and keeps his skin look good. I order it for the second time because it certainly has a great effect, and the better is that it has no side effects and the content includes only natural ingredients. Of course, my son is also following a diet because he is under severe nervous tension and everything affects the treatment, especially stress. Once we have included SKIN CARE therapy, we observe the deletion of the buds.

Gergana Bozmarova

Client - SKIN CARE
I order SKIN CARE for a friend of mine. He suffers from a severe form of acne. She uses the supplements together with medical cosmetics and so also takes care of the external effects of the acne. Without additives, however, the effect of cosmetics is not so pronounced. She feels very good and I’m about to order again because her packaging is over.

Sevi Hasan

Client - SKIN CARE
My son is a teenager and a very unpleasant acne appears on his skin. I searched for some therapy and got into SKIN CARE. I ordered him and he started drinking it in combination with a diet. So far I have taken two packs.

Irena St.

Client - SKIN CARE
Borislava has Diabetes-type 2. She drinks ROTINAL regularly for a long time, 2-3 times a year. It has a positive effect. She feels very good because she keeps the sugar.


Client - ROTINAL
Borislava has Diabetes-type 2. She drinks ROTINAL regularly for a long time, 2-3 times a year. It has a positive effect. She feels very good because she keeps the sugar.


Client - ROTINAL
The first time that I’ve heard of ROTINAL was from an orthopedic surgeon who has performed thousands of operations and has learned about the product by a colleague-endocrinologist. He told me about ROTINAL after I suffered a severe catastrophe and broke my leg. Then my sugar rose a lot. It was reported as 18, and since I began to drink ROTINAL I managed to take it to 9. My doctor tells me that with ROTINAL I will be able to take it to 6. The product is very good and I feel very good about it. I also recommended it to my physiotherapist as she also had problems with sugar and she was also experiencing normalization of the levels.


Client - ROTINAL