Cancer Treatment Support: FOLAXAN® is a unique food supplement that destroys cancer cells. It is proven to be more effective than commonly used chemotherapeutic agents. At the same time, it protects healthy cells from damage.



Food Supplement FOLAXAN®



FOLAXAN® is a modern food supplement with unique combination of natural ingredients that prevents cancer formation and supports cancer treatment.

Cancer research - folaxan

FOLAXAN® is а unique and balanced combination of medicinal plant extracts, rich in tannins and acids, with main mechanisms of action based on induced apoptosis:

  • effectively destroys cancer cells by triggering apoptosis
  • it is much stronger than most chemotherapeutic agents
  • works selectively on cancer cells in the place of their origine as well as in the metastatic lesions
  • does not harm healthy cells;
  • effectively attacks and kills malignant cells in most cancers originating from skin , colon and rectum, stomach, breast, prostate, ovary, oesophagus, lung, liver, pancreas, leukaemia, etc.;

Studies show that using medicinal plants extracts in the product FOLAXAN® can successfully, safely and effectively fight cancer. The therapy is completely natural and does not harm healthy cells, therefore does not cause side effects such as severe nausea, weight loss, hair loss, etc.



The ingredients in the product FOLAXAN® complement each other, help in cancer prevention and  support cancer treatment in a natural way.

FOLAXAN® can be used:

  • in cancer prevention. It is especially recommended for people with daily exposure to cancerogenic agents in their workplace or in living environment.  It is also recommended for people with genetic predisposition to breast cancer, bowel cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, as well as in blood related malignancies;
  • in cancer treatment. It supports conventional therapeutic strategies by killing selectively cancer cells without damaging healthy ones;
  • in the recovery period following the cancer treatment regardless if it has been radiation or/and chemotherapy;
  • to strengthen the immune system before, during and after cancer treatment.

FOLAXAN® improves the mental and physical condition and harmonizes the energy levels in the body prior, during and after cancer treatment.




Active ingredients: Cistus incanus

Vitis Vinifera, Cistus incanus, Rhodiola rosea, Rosa centifolia L., Equisetum arvense, Trifolium pratense L., Boswellia serrata, Crocus sativus, Glycine, Aspartic acid, L-serine, L-alaninе, L-cysteine, L-valine.

Other ingredients: Gelatin (capsule)




The active ingredients in FOLAXAN® effectively prevent the growth of cancer cells, metastasis, and cell mutations. They exhibit the cytostatic effect on cancer cells and have no negative impact on healthy cells.

FOLAXAN® is highly effective against all types of cancer and it plays a central role in the fight against this disease.

The active ingredients in the FOLAXAN® prevent the process of cancerogenesis by inhibiting the occurrence and growth of cancer cells.  The therapy is based on the selective induction of apoptosis in malignant cells. The therapy has shown very good clinical results in all types of cancer and has exhibited no side effects.

Apoptosis is a form of programmed cell death that occurs physiologically in all multicellular organisms. Each human cell contains this “suicidal “apoptotic programme and in case of non-repairable DNA damage or viral infection, the programme is activated and the cell dies. The two main pathways of triggering the apoptosis are extrinsic (triggered by signals outside the cell) and intrinsic (triggered by signals from inside the cell). Thanks to the apoptosis multicellular organisms can limit the damage and prevent the spread of mutations or viruses. Also, the human body uses the programmed cell death to eliminate its old non-functional cells. Therefore apoptosis plays a critical role in maintaining the homeostasis of adult tissues, which leads to living in balance and health. Consequently, deregulation of apoptosis is commonly associated with diseases such as cancer.

Apoptosis is a cellular suicide program that plays a critical role in development of any type of cancer. Cancer is a result of accumulation of mutations in the genes (DNA) that control cell division (proliferation) and apoptosis. Once the mechanism of self-destruction (apoptosis) is damaged, the cancer cell becomes “immortal” and starts proliferating without control.  Each cancer grows by producing more and more mutated cells, that cannot die and sooner or later these damaged cells starts spreading throughout the body, forming metastasis. Cancer cells evade apoptosis, proliferate extensively, and furthermore they quickly acquired resistance to therapeutic agents.

The ability to modulate the apoptosis in cancer cells is recognized for its immense therapeutic potential. Many natural substances are well known for their ability to induce (trigger) apoptosis in cancer cells. These natural substances are found in various medicinal plants, herbs, fruit and vegetables.

Why do we need apoptotic inducers (triggers apoptosis)?

Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and diffferent medications, used separately or in various combinations are conventional and widely accepted methods for cancer treatment. All these methods often lead to alleviation of the condition, may even cure it and may prolong the life. However, all of them are associated with side effects. It is mainly due to the fact that they are not selective and destroy cancer, as well as healthy cells. The ideal anti-cancer drug, though, must be selective and must abolish only the cancer cells without damaging normal cells. This ideal state could be achieved only through induction (triggering) of apoptosis in tumour cells. The lifespan of normal and cancer cells differs, depending on apoptotic activities in each cell. Therefore, induction of apoptosis appears to be an important factor in cancer treatment. It has become more evident that apoptosis is the principal mode of action of many anti-cancer agents. Apoptosis induction is the purpose of innovative methods in the development of anticancer drugs. Not surprisingly, the key place in cancer research is developing of apoptosis-based therapies.  Despite the enormous amount of work in this area, effectively working prototypes of such drugs have not been established yet. It has been shown that natural products are more effective inducers of apoptosis. Recent studies on plant originated tumour inhibitory compounds have led to the discovery of an impressive number of new structures that successfully induce apoptosis in tumour cells (causing their natural death), but do not affect processes in normal cells.

It is therefore important to test plant inducers of apoptosis in the form of crude extract or individual components. From many studies is evident that products, derived from plants, are useful tools in cancer prevention and treatment.

Currently, chemoprophylactic compounds despite of their different mechanisms of action, all of them have one thing in common – the ability to induce apoptosis. Understanding the mechanism of action of these compounds provides valuable information on their role in cancer prevention and treatment.

FOLAXAN® product is essentially an effective plant inducer of apoptosis in tumor cells (restores the ability of cancer cells to die naturally), restores the suppressed apoptosis. FOLAXAN® product gives a command to the cancer cells to  “commit suicide” and to begin the process of self-destruction. In other words, FOLAXAN® product starts the process of apoptosis in the malignant cells. When this process begins, the cell breaks down and within an hour is absorbed from the neighboring cells. There is no trace of it as if it never existed (as opposed to the process of cell necrosis; during necrosis dying cells release toxic substances). The important thing is that tumors rapidly decrease due to the death of defective cells and eventually disappear completely, while healthy cells remain unaffected.

The active ingredients in the FOLAXAN® product lead to:

  • Suppressing the activation of NF-kB signal pathways. NF-kB is a group of transcription factors that bind RNA polymerase II to gene promoters and influence the expression of genes that are important for cell growth and cell death, fetal development, as well as other important processes, including tumor cell growth and metastasis;
  • Suprresing Akt signal pathways. Akt is a key protein in the regulation of glucose metabolism by mTOR and p70 S6K, regulates cell growth and quality of the cell cycle);
  • Optimising the activity of COX (cyclooxygenase) – an enzyme ensuring the conversion of arachidonic acid into prostaglandins and thromboxanes;
  • Optimising the activity ofribonucleotide reductase -a key enzyme of DNA synthesis, which catalyzes the conversion of ribonucleotides to deoxyribonucleotides;
  • Optimising the activity of GSH– a tripeptide consists of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine amino acids. GSH is involved in several important processes such as  synthesis of nucleic acids, proteins, prostaglandins, transport of amino acids, removal of toxins and carcinogens.

Furthermore, the active ingredients in the FOLAXAN® product can effectively prevent the processes of carcinogenesis by activating the ATM kinase signal pathways. The described mode of action of FOLAXAN® (and effective trigger of activation of the process of apoptosis in cancer cells – programmed self-destruction of cancer cells), makes it clear why it acts on most types of tumours and is an effective tool in the cancer fight, including in case of metastatic disease.




Dosage and administration:

1-3 capsules 3 times a day, preferably after a meal.

The dose should be taken with sufficient amount of liquid!

FOLAXAN® is suitable for long-term use. Positive results may be observed in 2-4 weeks.

1. Dosage for prevention and genetic predisposition to cancer.
30 days 1-1-1 This scheme is enough to repeat 1-2 times a year.
2. Dosage during or after cancer treatment
30 days 2-2-2 This scheme is enough to repeat 1 time per year.
3. Dosage in newly diagnosed disease.
30 days 3-3-3 In newly diagnosed disease it is suitable to be administered concomitantly with classical cancer treatment.
Another 30 days 2-2-2 In newly diagnosed disease it is suitable to be administered concomitantly with classical cancer treatment.
In newly diagnosed disease is recommended after six months to begin 30 days administration under scheme 2.


Caution: Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications or under medical supervision, please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before use. Not for children under 3 years old. Keep out of reach of children.

Side effects: FOLAXAN® is 100% natural product and is very well tolerated. It is not addictive and no side effects or negative effects were identified. There are no known contraindications.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place at 5 – 25 C.

Warning: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use after the expiry date stated on the packaging.

Contents: 30 Capsules

Manufactured by:

Tercon s.r.o. – Sudomerska 901/24, Prague, Czech Republic with the permission and licenses of Tercon Laboratories LLC, USA

Approved by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Ref OVZ-35.1-03.05.2011-51686





FOLAXAN® is a modern natural product with a unique combination of active ingredients that naturally help support the treatment and prevention of cancer.



1-3 capsules 3 times a day, preferably after a meal. The dose should be taken with sufficient amount of fluid. FOLAXAN® is suitable for long-term use. Positive results can be seen after 2-4 weeks. For recommended dosing plans, see “Dosage”.



FOLAXAN® is well tolerated, does not lead to dependency and there are no known side effects. There are no known contraindications.



The FOLAXAN® product is 100% natural, with a safe and balanced formula, containing only natural ingredients which are safe for our health.



FOLAXAN® is unique product based on natural ingredients with no side effect, does not interfere with any treatments and can be used alongside the application of standard treatment methods as it has a synergetic effect and gently enhances the effectiveness of the therapy.



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